Mother hugging her baby with Horigen breast pump products beside her

Horigen Breastpump

Horigen - Multi-purpose Cooler Bag (Pink)

✓ Pump bag on top, cooler bag for breast milk at the bottom part✓ Divided Structure with removable zipper to separate pump bag from cooler bag✓ includes: 4 extra bre...

Milche - Breastmilk Storage Bag (25bags/box)

✓ Ideal for storing and freezing breastmilk.✓ Double zip-lock for secure leak proof storage✓ Reinforced seams, allowing to stand upright or lay flat✓ Freezer and refri...

Little Green - Disposable Breast Pads

✓ 30 pads per box✓ Super absorbency, ultra dry feel.✓ Silky soft top-sheet, breath freely design✓ Double adhesive strips to keep the pads in place.✓ Individually wra...

Horigen - Warm & Cool Relief Pack

✓ Relieves Discomfort from engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis ✓ For milk let down and to relieve engorgement✓ Shape designed to put directly over the breast, mo...

Horigen - USB Cable

✓ For powerbank connection✓ To help moms pump on the go✓ Color: Black


Horigen - USB Cable


Horigen - Proture Double Electric Breast Pump

- Hospital grade double electric breastpump for mommies who need POWER- Strongest and most durable type of pump- Strong suction but larger and heavier- Recommended f...

Horigen - Nipple Set

✓ Horigen accessories extra nipple set ✓ To directly feed expressed milk


Horigen - Nipple Set


Horigen - Freeture Manual Breast Pump

- Manual pump for mommies who pump occassionally - If you are directly breastfeeding and only need to express on occasion. ✓ 3D Pump" soft silicone breastshield, nat...

Horigen - Nano Silver Ice Pack

✓ To extend storage life of breast milk in cooler bag✓ 1 pack can last up to 4 hours

Horigen - Miture Electric Breast Pump

- Our best selling single electric pump mommies who tend to breastfeed directly and express✓ "3D Pump" soft silicone breastshield, natural breastfeeding feeling ✓ BP...